Whatever the weather, we can be found growing organic vegetables, fruits and herbs 10 months of the year. Staying true to Farm to Table principles and practice, the farm supplies 10 ACRES BISTRO + KITCHEN + COMMONS with fresh eggs and farm meat. Our livestock are raised in grass pastures, enjoying non-GMO feed. Our recently planted orchard was a feast of pollen for the busy little bees which arrived in time to help pollinate all 43 varieties of our 17 different fruit trees last spring.

What's fresh from the farm: 
kale - turnips - new potatoes - baby beets - dry beans - eggs - chives -  honeynew baby potatoes - baby beets - fennel - eggs - garlic - chives - chard - oyster mushrooms - arugula - baby carrots - winter squash - celeriac - parsnips - brussels sprouts - turnips - carrots - sunchoke